Get your tickets online!

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Watching a good concert is always entertaining, not to mention if you watch it live 🙂 But unfortunately, sometimes we have been too busy nowadays. It can be stressful also if you want to enjoy a theater performance, but don’t have the time to do the reservation before. Thanks to the technology today! Last week I stumble on a website that can help you to get tickets for special events including sports also! Not only events that is happening in the United States, but also abroad!
Maybe some of you already know how difficult it is just to buy a regular ticket of a NBA basketball match (I just can’t imagine how more difficult to get the VIP ticket to that match). Ticket America can help you through some difficulties in getting your tickets, just browse their collections of events, and find which one suits you. For example, if I want to watch the NFL football match of New York Giants, I can easily find their matches and view the seats that are still available at that time.
Some of us might be worried if we have to buy something online using our credit card. Yes, self precaution is needed, but how the transaction of buying tickets through Ticket America is also carried through some multiple steps just to make sure there will be no fraud (both for the customer or the seller of the tickets). If you’re still worried about how the transaction will be carried, just give them a call. As far as I know, they already put their company address and you can easily contact them. Memories is not something that you can have easily, once you have etched a precious memory of an event in your mind, it will be forever. Just make sure you have that chance of witnessing a great events (either a concert, a sport match, or anything) with your own eyes.

Trusted Internet

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Internet has become a part of our daily life, but the fact is there are many people that still cautious in using the Internet. Don’t think that they are a group of old people that don’t even know how to use a cellular phone, some of them are experienced users in using the Internet. Why there are a group of experienced people but still cautious in using the Internet? Well, of course the simple answer to that is they have already have awareness about trust around the Internet. Trust has become an important issue in the Internet. Maybe you already see how many website use authentication only to get in, or using SSL only to make sure that the site is secure. But still, there are still various security issues regarding trust on the Internet. You maybe already heard about phishing, CSRF, XSS, even forged security applications (such as fake anti spyware/malware application), and many other techniques to compromise security and trust on the Internet. Because of that, people nowadays not easily trust something online (especially when it comes to online business or online transaction).
As far as I know, Comodo has a great vision towards trusted Internet. They can give you many great tools that were developed towards trusted Internet. They had visions when someday people don’t need to be worry to use Internet. People don’t need to buy expensive security applications to be installed on their computer only to surf the Internet. I guess this idea of trusted Internet is possible to achieve, and I also glad if someday I don’t have to be worried when using Internet. As a person related with IT, I support this idea. One more thing, if you want to try some of the tools and software created by Comodo, look into their website and you can find various free software for your computer. Me myself already download the Comodo BoClean and Comodo Firewall Pro, and I hope you can try their other free products also.

Yey! CHKDSK saved my day!

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Today, suddenly my computer won’t boot up the operating system. I use Windows XP as my operating system and last night there is nothing wrong with my PC. At first it boots normally, just when the welcome windows shows up, suddenly it shows a blue screen for about a split second, and then restarts. After that, Windows shows the boot option whether I start the Windows normally, or use a last good configuration, or using a safe mode. I’ve tried all of the option, but nothing seems works.
When this kind of thing happen, usually I use my Windows Emergency Boot CD, with the Windows Pre-Installed Environment but unfortunately, my EBCD is not with me right now, my friend borrowed that CD to repair her laptop operating system. Pooh, I thought my day would be miserable all day long because I can’t use my PC to do my task. I have another option, which is to repair my Windows using the installation CD, well, so I tried to do that. But how unlucky I am, when I want to repair it, my primary hard disk partition somehow “unidentified”, it only shows my data and document partitions. Oh great, now I think my last option is to format it. However, before I format it, I try to accessed my primary partition using Linux Knoppix (live CD), and actually I can mount it in Knoppix, and save some important things to another drive/partition. Oh well, then I think that maybe I don’t have to format my primary partition after all. So, I try to boot again using my Windows installation CD, and try to repair it from Recovery Console. First thing is that I try “chkdsk” to find some errors in my disk file structure. It went well, and when I try to list directory in my active partition, it went well too.
Finally, after all that stuff (and worrying that I have to buy a new hard disk) I exit the Recovery Console and restart my PC. When it comes to the booting option, I chose to start Windows normally, and Thanks God, finally it boots successfully. I just hope it won’t crash again for some weeks ahead because I’m in a deadline for my project, and I really need my PC most. Wish me luck for my project.

avast! 4.8 vs. AVG 7.5 (both free)

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In a quick review, I think there are some positive and negative sides of both products. Let me explain it for both of the product:

1.avast! Home Edition (version: 4.8, free license)
a. Positives
-Various protection against:
a).Internet mail
b).Instant messaging
c).Network attack
d).Incoming and outgoing email (using Outlook/Exchange)
e).Peer-to-peer (P2P)
f).Computer virus
g).Malicious web (web scanning)
-Can schedule a boot-time scan.
-Configurable. You can configure the scan mode (quick, standard, and thorough), the resident scanner sensitivity (disabled, standard, and high), and many more, depends on what you need.
-Interesting user interface (simple, skin support, etc)
-Has anti-spyware and anti-rootkit edited

-Offline update file is quite big to download (last checked on update site is 13.76 MB)
-There is no task scheduler for virus scanning.
-You can’t store the scan result, so if you want to scan, you must do it until it finished.
-There is no blocking for malicious web script.

2.AVG Free Edition (version: 7.5, free license)
-You can schedule a virus scan (scheduled tasks).
-Offline update support (you can download the virus database into you computer first and run the update manager, the size depends on the updates).
-Stop and resume capabilities in scanning virus.
-Quite fast scanning for files, using heuristic.

-Only protects against:
a).Computer virus
b).Incoming and outgoing email (using Outlook/Exchange)
-There is no anti-spyware and firewall protection installed. I hear that AVG 8 has an anti-spyware bundled with the anti-virus program installer.
-There is no anti-rootkit also
-There is no blocking for malicious web script.
-Standard user interface.
-Standard configuration for scanning files.

Overall these two antivirus programs is good, it only depends on what your computer needs. For example, if you always connected to the internet, do many activity in the internet, you might choose to use avast! for your PC anti-virus, or if you are rarely going online, AVG might be the best for you (considering the offline virus database update support). For me, both of this antivirus is fine, as long as it’s free hehehe…

PS: This is only my opinion as a user

Another list of free security software for your computer

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Recently I found this blog of Mr.Bill Mullins giving his list of 10 free security software for your computer. The list itself contains various kind of program, start from anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware and other programs. The interesting part is that the program is free, some of the program maybe need registration online, but the registration itself is also free. Some of the program is in my anti-virus or anti-spyware list, but there are other program that I think quite interesting to try and installed. Right now I’m trying avast! anti-virus beside my AVG free edition. Let me tell you the difference in this two program later.

10 last installed program

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10 last installed program in my pc:
1. avast! antivirus home edition
2. Buildalot 2 Town of the Year
3. Pidgin chat client
4. Virtual Farm
5. StoneLoops of Jurassica
6. Platypus
7. FreeMind
8. GPRS Counter
10.Sony Ericson Themes Creator

Trojan horse

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Trojan/Trojan horse


The wooden horse that the Greeks reputedly used during the siege of Troy has been applied to malicious code that allows its creator to execute an unauthorized command or set of commands on a computer infected by the code. Simply put, a Trojan horse is not a computer virus; it does not propagate by self-replication but relies heavily on the exploitation of an end-user.

Trojan horses are both problematic and a basic type of malicious code designed primarily to give hackers access to system files. This gives hackers the ability to change file settings, steal files or passwords, damage files, or monitor user activities on other computers on a network.

The six main types of Trojan horse payloads are:

    • Remote Access
    • Data Destruction
    • Downloader
    • Server Trojan (Proxy, FTP, IRC, Email, HTTP/HTTPS, etc.)
    • Security software disabler
    • Denial-of-service attack (DoS)

How to handle:

Since Trojan horses have a variety of forms, there is no single method to delete them. The simplest responses involve clearing the temporary internet files on a computer, or finding the file and deleting it manually (safe mode is recommended). Normally, anti-virus software is able to detect and remove the trojan automatically. If the anti-virus cannot find it, booting the computer from alternate media (cd) may allow an anti-virus program to find a trojan and delete it. Updated anti-spyware programs are also very efficient against this threat.

Common anti-trojan (check the anti-virus and anti-spyware post)


TrojanScan (online scanner:


Other various resources found from the internet